Analog Temperature Controlled Soldering Station:

We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Analog Temperature Controlled Soldering Stations,Temperature Controlled Soldering Stations.Compact TCS-450/350 F series are an ideal hand soldering systems incorporating all features necessary for professional electronics assembly work. TCS-450/350 F Series comes complete with a special 17V / 35W and 24V / 50W leakage proof iron and is grounded for MOS and CMOS applications.

The unit is extremely simple to use, featuring illuminated power LED, Proportional ON-OFF temperature controller and temperature indicating LED bar graph. Powder coated stand for iron holding & tip cleaning sponge are provided with every unit.

Application Field:

  • Soldering of electronic components having electrical or thermal sensitivity, like CMOS circuits, FET transistors, LED & LCD displays.
  • Soldering with high standard to the soldering connections, Military aviation and space research.
  • Soldering with special solder (High & Low melting) connections, with exact tolerance.

Technical Data:

Line Voltage230 + 10%, 50Hz
Output Voltage17 V /24 V(AC)
Iron Wattage
35W / 50W
Powder Cord
5A, 1.5mt.
Weight3.2Kg. (Approx.)
Dimensions110 x 85 x 130mm

Salient Features:

  • Mains ON-OFF with LED indication switch.
  • TCS-450 Set pot for temperature setting at 225 deg oC to 450 oC
  • Fuse holder with glass cartridge fuse 500 mA
  • Polarizing four pin metal connector with proper grip and locking.
  • Polarizing four pin metal connector with proper grip and locking.
  • Element fitted with three self threaded screws in handle
  • Soldering iron with special burn proof silicon cord
  • One of the six different types of long lasting bits.
  • Special sponge for cleaning the bit
  • Powder coated cast iron stand with plated spring along with bakelite bush for proper hold on iron
  • Ergonomically designed ABS handle with proper grip
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